Welcome to Darkharbor

Somewhat Current, but not necessarily updated Pages

Noriko’s Anime
Anime items and supplies for sale

Cartridge Express
Dad's online business, selling computer and office machine supplies.

Alphabit Soup
Michal's business, for custom made baby announcements and things.

Simon's Phone Cards From Japan
Simon's phone cards sales page.

Simon's Hakkoda Powder Snow Tours
Simon's in the snow in Japan.

Older out of date pages from 1995-2000

Tammy’s Genma Panda Page
From Ranma 1/2; a page dedicated to Ranma's Dad in Panda form.

Gubaba’s First Photo Album
From Macross 7; Mylene’s long-haired pet rat’s only page on the net!

A Hyper Police Anime Gallery
Our extensive cel collection among other things

There Be Dolls Here!
The doll collection through creative photography.

House O’ Cards
International phone cards collection

Japanese Obi-do
A collection of Japanese obi sashes.

Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back Inside... CATS!!!
These pages are just for our cats.

Some dancing pages made back in 1999, during the dancing pages craze.

Ruthy’s Gallery

Mom's page that has a small sampling of her poems and paintings.

See Twinki's Own Page! Sushi
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