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Hyper Police is my favorite Japanese Anime series of all time. It's a comedy/drama set in Tokyo in the distant future where humans, anthropomorphs & demons inhabit the world on the same plane. The main character is an aborable bounty hunter named Natsuki Sasahara; who's half demon cat, half human with an incerdible ability to harnas electrical power. She works for the Police Company with her partner Batanen; a werewolf who's secretly in love with her. Natsuki's other partner is Sakura, a kyubi fox with 8-3/5ths tails that needs to consume a powerful being in order to complete her 9th tail and become a full kyubi fox with all the perks and powers of one. Then there is Tommy, Batanen's dog-like teenage brother and side kick, Tommy who's in love with the magic user, Po and the very human Fonne who each work for rival bounty hunter companies. There are lots of other assorted characters and I've collected quite a few cels, pencil, boards, phone cards and other paraphenalia from this wonderful series. I have the only exclusively Hyper Police cel gallery on the net. None of the cels or other items on this site are for sale, except a handful of cels on my for sale page.

While you are out and about, please visit:
The best place for Hyper Police info on the net!

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Thank you to Bill & Kevin at Anime-Cel.com
and to Takashi and Darla at Celmart
for introducing me to Hyper Police!

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3/05/03 Lots more to add, but my page goes public this morning (thank you Duncan of Hyperpolice.net for the redirect code)! Please feel free to email me as to what you think of the new format.

3/21/03 I changed the categories a little bit and added scans of the video covers

3/23/03 Finished putting up the Natsuki cels & added a bunch more oversized cels & the mini Cds

3/24/03 Added some more oversized cels. Had to change out the Java applet cause it took too long to load, instead I put up a cute little java script

3/28/03 All the differnt types of cards have now been added

3/29/03 Doujinshi covers, US DVDs and the rest of the CDs are up!

4/13/03 Added image of DVD vol #6 and the release date for it

5/13/03 Reformatted and updated the Cels For Sale page. Will be adding more cels for sale soon.

6/02/03 Added some Natsuki cels and some Sakura cels

6/07/03 I am slowly adding episode numbers and discriptions to the cels

6/11/03 Starting to put the cels in the order of appearance in the show

6/27/03 Added more cels to the sales section

3/17/04 It's been a while since I have done anything to this site, but I do look at it often. Today I've become the ringmistress of The Anime Ring, so I added the ring logo here.

4/10/04 I found a webring that interested me today; the Cat Girl Webring, so I joined up; who knows, maybe someday I will own it.

5/16/04 I am now the proud owner of the Ring Of Neko!

6/24/04 Today I've added a little Top 100 tracker & I am already #49; Yay! Also added a link to my own cats pages

8/01/04 I won two more chirashi on YJ, so I put up the images the seller had; better ones when Simon sends me the actual chirashi.

7/07/05 Hp stuff is so rare, that I almost missed a chirashi on YJ that I didn't hav, thinking it was a full size poster!

This page is dedicated to my own darling little deamon cats; Sushi, Twinki, Yuki, Mochi, Kimchi and Suki

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