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Hi, I’m Noriko; welcome to my web pages!
You’re about to embark on a journey that will lead you to my corner of the world
through Japanese anime, fashion dolls and my various collections and interests.
Plus you will also find some of my family's websites of their various businesses and interests.

Please excuse the mess on this page, as it's currently under reconstruction...

Last Days of Summer

Japanese Anime

Noriko’s Anime
Here I have tons of Anime items and supplies for sale!

Tammy’s Genma Panda Page
From Ranma 1/2; my page dedicated to Ranma's Dad in Panda form.

Gubaba’s First Photo Album
From Macross 7; Mylene’s long-haired pet rat’s only page on the net!

Things I Collect

A Hyper Police Anime Gallery
My extensive cel collection among other things from my favorite anime.

There Be Dolls Here!
My doll collection through creative photography.

House O’ Cards
My international phone card collection.

Japanese Obi-do
My collection of Japanese obi sashes.

Other Stuff

Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back Inside... CATS!!!
These pages are just for my cats.

My Web Rings
These are the web rings that I manage.

Some dancing pages I made back in 1999, during the dancing pages craze.

General Links
under reconstruction - some of the links may not work
Links to a bunch of websites I found on the net.

My Family's Websites

Ruthy’s Gallery
under reconstruction
My Mom's page that has a small sampling of her poems and paintings.

Cartridge Express
My family's online business, selling computer and office machine supplies.

Alphabit Soup
My sister's business, for custom made baby announcments.

Simon's Phone Cards From Japan
My good friend, Simon's phone cards sales page.

Simon's Hakkoda Powder Snow Tours
Another site by my good friend, Simon about his tours on the #1 mountain in Japan for powder snow!.

The Wave

Hi Rafael -- this one’s for you! |*
The Minnesota Vikings are always #1 in our hearts!
And so are you! Go Vikings!
Fuzzy Come Home!

GO Vikings! Football; YEAH! I bow to you Raf!

Click on the football to download a Minnesota Vikings Plus! theme pack for Win95 (395k)
The Wave

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